Kenya Moore's Family Reunion on 'RHOA' Will Break Your Heart

In what is probably the softest side of Kenya Moore that Real Housewives of Atlanta fans have ever seen, the former Miss USA has been very open this season about attempts to get her family back together. Born to teen parents, Kenya has had a tumultuous relationship with her mom and dad over the years.


When Kenya convinces her dad to join her on a family reunion back in Detroit, he appears to have trepedations but agrees. Once back in the Motor City, he seems excited to be back amongst his family, but Kenya sets out to bring her mother into the fold.

And that's when the really heartbreaking moment happens. On their way to reunite with the rest of their family, Kenya has the driver of their van stop at her mom's house so she can try to talk to her. Not only does her mother not respond, but Kenya can also hear her click the lock on the door. It's all sorts of brutal. Even for those viewers who don't always connect with the reality star, you can't help but feel horrible for her.

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Through tears, Kenya's dad begs her to give up on her mom, saying she'll never come around. While she initially seemed fiercely adamant in repairing a relationship with her mother, Kenya finally agrees to put her in the past. Surrounded by so much other family that wants to be a part of her life, she decides that's what's important, not someone who can't even be bothered to tell her to go away.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like the Detroit trip gets any easier for Kenya, who learns that her aunt Lori (her mom's sister) leaves the reunion. In a preview for next week's episode, Kenya and Lori get in a heated argument about whether or not it was appropriate that she knocked on her mother's door.

We feel for Kenya. She can't seem to catch a break. She desperately wants to make amends with her family so that she can move forward in life and hopefully one day start a family of her own, but these things keep holding her back. Hopefully by some miracle she'll be able to find the closure she's looking for before heading back to Atlanta.


Image via Mark Hill/Bravo

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