Chelsea Houska Shows Off a Gross Talent We Never Knew She Had (VIDEO)

Chelsea Houska is good at a lot of things, like being a mom and always flawlessly doing her makeup, but we never thought to include burping among her many skills. However, she totally proved us wrong. This week, Chelsea showed off her disgusting talent in an Instagram video, and it's equal parts funny and gross. 


In a video Chelsea shared on Tuesday while hanging out with a friend, she is burping in slow motion, and she lets out quite a belch -- made even more epic by the slo-mo's lower voice pitch. Cole DeBoer must be so proud! 

You have to see it to believe it, though, so here it is. 

We wonder if Aubree will grow up to be a champion burper, just like her mommy? 

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All bodily functions aside, it definitely seems like Chelsea's been having a lot of fun lately. Between her engagement, the holidays, and hanging out with the family pig, she's seemed really happy lately, and she deserves it!

The next video she uploads better have something to do with that wedding, though. Details of when she and Cole are tying the knot are way more important than burps!


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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