Jenelle Evans's Latest Message to Her Haters Couldn't Be More Clear

You know how it's hard to tell whether someone is hamming it up for the reality TV cameras or whether what the show is capturing is what she's really like? Jenelle Evans may actually be in on the Teen Mom 2 joke, guys. This week, Jenelle sent a message to her haters on Instagram, and it definitely looks like she's not taking criticism lying down. But has she ever?


The message came in the form of a text photo Jenelle shared on Tuesday, complete with an accompanying emoji as the caption:


A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on

We're assuming by this Jenelle means that the girl we see on Teen Mom 2 is not who she actually is, because that's not who she shows when the cameras are rolling. She might have a point, but we have a feeling that the Jenelle we know is at least a little bit the real Jenelle. After all, it wasn't a character getting arrested all those times, right? Those records are real!

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But if Jenelle's turning over a new leaf for 2016, we're totally behind her. A fresh start is just what she needs ... especially if she plans on finally getting custody of Jace back this year. 

And as for the haters? Jenelle has a handle on the situation. Come on -- has she ever once received criticism without calling people out on social media? We didn't think so. She'll be just fine!


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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