Ben Higgins Refused to Kiss on 'The Bachelor' Premiere -- Here's Why

We've only seen one episode of The Bachelor this season, but so far, it seems like Ben Higgins might be the leading man who goes the lightest on PDA. Aside from Lace's sneak attack kiss, Ben had a no-smooching rule strictly enforced. And now, Ben's explaining why he banned kissing from that first night.


While talking to the Associated Press this week (via the Washington Times), Ben talked about his experience as the Bachelor so far, and even cleared up why he won't be swapping spit quite as much as Chris Soules did last year.

And it wasn't because he wasn't attracted to the ladies -- it was just because he wanted to set the bar high for getting to know everyone, starting from the get-go. Here's what Ben told reporters: 

It was important for me to set standards on night one. I knew at the end of the night I was going to have to say goodbye to seven women and I wanted to make sure that I was getting the most out of our time together. The physical part, I thought, could wait. It comes, I’m not going to say it doesn’t. It is part of a relationship, right? It is important in a relationship, but on night one, it was important for me to take advantage of that time.

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Go Ben for sticking to his guns on that one! If it was easy, all the Bachelors would have done things this way, so Ben gets props for this. Even if it makes the show a little more boring to watch for the rest of us! 

It will be interesting to see how Ben's stance affects the rest of the season -- and how long it takes him to get intimate, once he feels like he's gotten to know the contestants better. Is it Monday night yet?!


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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