The First 'Fuller House' Pics Reveal a Grown-Up Cast (PHOTOS)

fuller houseAdmit it: You've been anxiously awaiting your very first glimpse of your favorite '80s sitcom reboot, Fuller House -- and guess what? You got it, dude! Netflix has at last released stills from the upcoming -- and highly anticipated -- series, and there are plenty of clues in these shots to keep us guessing about potential plotlines and character twists!


Of course it still seems a little strange to see the gang together without Michelle (Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen declined involvement in the project), but it's still great to witness the family back in action -- in the same living room you spent so much time staring at as a kid! 

Check it out:

fuller house

Awww! Does the group hug mean this is the first time D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy have seen each other in a long time?? (And why haven't Uncle Jesse or Becky aged?!)

fuller house

Where are Kimmy and Stephanie headed in those outfits?? And why is Kimmy practicing the bunny hop, or whatever it is she's doing??

fuller house


fuller house

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Does that adorable baby belong to D.J.? Also, good to see that Kimmy's wacky fashion sense is still in full effect.

Overall, everybody looks amazing -- and like they've fallen right back into step as their old familiar characters. Which is pretty awesome news for fans! Let the countdown begin ...


Images via Michael Yarish/Netflix

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