Cast of 'The Wonder Years' Then & Now: What Are They Up To? (PHOTOS)

Damarys Ocaña Perez | Jan 7, 2016 TV
Cast of 'The Wonder Years' Then & Now: What Are They Up To? (PHOTOS)

Thanks to great casting and sensitive storytelling that played out over 115 episodes and six seasons starting in 1988, The Wonder Years remains one of the most beloved shows to ever air. The show captured a turbulent, exciting time in American history (the 1960s) but also told intimate stories that everyone, born at any time, could relate to.

As with any iconic show, fans are always interested in following the stars and finding out how their careers went, after starring in a classic. Here are the answers.


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  • Fred Savage Then


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    Sweet, compassionate, romantic, loyal, soulful: Kevin Arnold was a rarity -- a complex kid TV character, played by a kid (Fred Savage) who was so natural he could have been your neighbor. No wonder Kevin was every tween girl's dream, and every mom's, too. Savage was chosen after the series creators interviewed five casting directors and all of them recommended Savage, who had played the grandson in The Princess Bride.

  • Fred Savage Now


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    After the show ended, Savage finished high school and went on to Stanford, skipping the whole drugs-and-party phase of post child- starhood. He then stepped behind the scenes as a freelance director on Disney Channel shows before moving on to more adult fare such as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Modern Family. These days, he's back on camera on the Fox comedy The Grinder, as a put-upon lawyer with an actor-turned-lawyer brother. 

  • Danica McKellar Then


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    Well, that must have been awkward at the dinner table: Danica McKellar beat out her sister Crystal McKellar to win the role of Winnie, the sweet and gentle girl next door that Kevin falls in love with. Though marked by her brother's death in Vietnam, and the related separation of her parents, Winnie remains optimistic. Despite the couple's popularity with fans, Kevin and Winnie do not end up together in the end.  

  • Danica McKellar Now


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    The young actress was brainy both on and off the show. McKellar went on to earn a bachelor's degree in mathematics from UCLA and co-author a paper, as well as create a series of math-related books aimed at teens. She's acted in several TV movies and guest starred on several shows, including The West Wing and How I Met Your Mother.   

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  • Josh Saviano Then


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    One of hundreds of kids who auditioned for a part on the show, Josh Saviano won out to play Kevin's nerdy best friend, Paul. Though the bespectacled character was funny-looking and suffered from severe allergies, he was more than a comic foil. Paul also tested Kevin's loyalty and offered advice that may have been upside down but came from the heart.  

  • Josh Saviano Now


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    Eschewing Hollywood for college, Saviano became a lawyer, making partner at a New York firm before founding celebrity brand consultancy Act 3 Advisors, in 2015. After The Wonder Years, he has done very little acting, though he guest-starred on Law & Order: SVU in 2014. 

  • Olivia d'Abo Then


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    As an adolescent coming of age in the 1960s, Kevin's sister Karen embodied the huge societal changes that were happening at the time. She turned into a hippie, moved in with her boyfriend, and clashed on just about everything, from free love to drugs, with her conservative dad. She was one cool chick trying to find her place in the world. 

  • Olivia d'Abo Now


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    Her groovy '60 cred was real: d'Abo's dad was a member of British Invasion pop band Manfred Mann and she once dated John Lennon's son Julian. Post The Wonder Years, she has guest-starred on numerous TV shows, most notably in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, playing a recurring villain. Like her father, she's a singer songwriter, and has collaborated with Seal, among others.

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  • Jason Hervey Then


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    Wayne was Kevin's big brother -- and his chief tormentor, playing practical jokes on him, ratting him out, and calling him vicious names. He was basically the character you loved to hate. A few seasons into the show, though, Wayne, played by Jason Hervey, matured and even fell in love with a single mom. Alas, she broke his heart. Karma.  

  • Jason Hervey Now


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    Acting but rarely, Hervey, pictured at left holding a polaroid of himself sleeping on the Wonder Years set, has produced several celebrity reality shows, including I Want to be a Hilton. Hervey says he watches reruns of The Wonder Years with his kids, who invariably ask, "Dad, why are you always so mean?" His answer: He modeled Wayne after his own jerky brother.

  • Alley Mills Then


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    There was much more to Kevin's mom Norma than being a housewife. The more progressive and nurturing of the two parents, she eventually got a job and went back to school to finish her degree. 

  • Alley Mills Now


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    Going from prime time to day time, Alley Mills is now a regular cast member of the CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful. Previously, she joined Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and Yes, Dear for several seasons each.

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  • Dan Lauria Then


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    Jack Arnold was the quintessential traditional dad, and Dan Lauria, complete with severely parted hair and stern demeanor, played him to the hilt -- as a dad who had trouble adjusting to new mores, but loved his wife and kids.   

  • Dan Lauria Now


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    An accomplished singer and theater actor, Lauria returned to Broadway after occasional TV roles. He's been lauded for performances in productions including A Christmas Story and Lombardi.  

  • Daniel Stern Then


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    Each episode of The Wonder Years was narrated by an older Kevin Arnold, whom we never saw, but whose voice became synonymous with nostalgia. That voice belonged to Daniel Stern, who also played one of the burglars in the Home Alone film series. 

  • Daniel Stern Now


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    He's appeared in many movies and theater productions, and Daniel Stern is also an artist. He specializes in realistic bronze sculptures

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