'Bachelor' Front-Runner Reportedly Dumped Her Boyfriend to Date Ben & Get Famous

With the new Bachelor season in full swing, so begins the speculation about each contestant's intentions on the show. Supposedly Ben Higgins's front-runner Olivia Caridi dumped her boyfriend so she could be part of the cast.


Did she just feel some kind of crazy connection with Ben through her television set and kick her former dude to the curb for true love? Or is she a publicity-hungry woman looking for her 15 minutes? It's too early to say, but early predictions fall on the latter.

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It's not like Olivia would be the first contestant to go on the show for all the wrong reasons (meaning none of them have to do with love), but considering she scored Ben's first impression rose, it certainly sets her up for serious villain material.

A woman by the name of Kodi Estep is all up in Olivia's grill on Twitter, suggesting that she broke up with her friend Josh Rose just so she could get some screen time.


Even though villains tend to get found out before the final rose ceremony, they still typically get brought back for Bachelor in Paradise, so maybe Olivia is just trying to make her way to Tulum, Mexico? We have so many questions that need answering. But suffice it to say, it's going to be one bumpy season.


Image via ABC

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