Ben Higgins's Ex Totally Throws Him Under the Bus

Ben Higgins may seem like the Perfect Ben on The Bachelor so far this season, but is there more to him than we realize? That's what his ex is saying! Recently, one of Ben's old girlfriends talked about their breakup, and it sounds like he has a problem with moving on. 


Recently, Ben's ex, Shaelin Adams, talked to OK! magazine about their former relationship, and surprisingly enough, she didn't have too many good things to say about their split. In fact, it sounds like it was pretty heartbreaking for poor Ben. 

According to Shaelin, she decided to end their relationship after more than a year because she was moving for a job after college and didn't want to be tied down. But Ben didn't have an easy time moving on, and she says he even told her he loved her long after their relationship had run its course. 

"It was hard for him to let go," she told the mag. "I don't think there was any closure on his side."

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What a bummer! Most people can probably relate to the feeling of being dumped by someone you really cared about, and it's definitely not a fun experience. Maybe it's what contributed to Ben feeling so unlovable? He's so sweet -- he doesn't deserve that!

But on the bright side, if Shaelin never cut him loose, maybe he never would have auditioned for The Bachelorette last year ... and we wouldn't get to bask in the glow of his beautiful face.

Hopefully, now that Ben is dating other women -- 28 other women, to be exact -- he's officially put that old flame behind him. We have a feeling The Bachelor was a pretty good distraction! 


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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