Farrah Abraham's Dad Claims He Bankrolls the 'Teen Mom OG' Cast

What the what? While attempting to defend his daughter, Farrah Abraham's dad said their family financially supports the Teen Mom cast. If this sounds a little suspect to you, you're not alone.


Michael Abraham took to Facebook in defense of Farrah after that not-so-nice Snapchat happened, where the rest of the Teen Mom OG cast was caught calling their costar a whore. While their stinging words were mean-spirited and unnecessary, Michael's rant also seems out of line.

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In his Facebook post, he alleges that the entire Abraham family supports the other girls both emotionally and financially, although he does spell financially wrong, so perhaps he meant something else? Either way, Catelynn and Amber aren't having it. They both responded briefly on Twitter to deny they're on the Abraham payroll in any way, shape, or form.

Michael is now denying he ever said such a thing, but you can see a screenshot of his Facebook message on the Ashley Reality TV Roundup.

We can't blame a father for defending his daughter, no matter how questionable her past actions. But Farrah is a big girl and surely can stand up to her castmates herself if she feels it's necessary. It might be time for Michael to take a seat and let the chips fall, because it feels like he's just digging himself and his daughter into deeper drama.


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