Javi Marroquin & Jeremy Calvert Cozy Up Together in Bed ... Huh? (PHOTO)

Being on a reality show is a crazy experience that changes lives ... and it can sometimes form lifelong friendships. But apparently, there was a bromance going on between two Teen Mom 2 dads that we had no idea got this serious. Jeremy Calvert and Javi Marroquin are getting cozy in a new photo on Twitter, and we need answers! 


On Wednesday, Jeremy shared a photo of him and Javi, sharing a bed. And by sharing a bed, we mean spooning in a bed. 

Here, you just need to see it for yourself: 

Apparently, these two are way closer than we realized! Not that we're complaining -- it's kind of cute that they're friends, especially since thanks to Teen Mom, they have plenty in common. We just want to know what the context behind this pic is. 

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Being that Jeremy celebrated his birthday last week, we have a feeling this photo has something to do with that. Maybe things got a little wilder than they anticipated? Or maybe they were just snuggling ... like all grown male friends do, right?

And if this is a sign Jeremy is going to start tweeting more, we're on board with that, too. Just keep the pics coming!


Image via javim9/Instagram

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