Whitney Bischoff Has a New Man in Her Life (PHOTO)

There's love in the air! Bachelor Chris Soules's one-time fiancée Whitney Bischoff has a new boyfriend, and she isn't afraid to admit he's an amazing man. But who is this dude and when did they start dating?


On The Bachelor's aftershow Monday night, Chris Harrison asked Whitney point-blank about an image from New Year's Eve that showed her getting awfully snuggly with a new guy. Whitney said she is indeed in a relationship and the "happiest she's ever been."

Oh hey yall! It's been a awhile... Happy 2016 �

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Was that a dig at Chris? Probably not -- more like just a girl in the honeymoon stage of a relationship. Since just last October, Whitney said she was only casually dating; this is still more than likely a relatively new thing.

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Hollywood Take says the lucky guy is Ricky Angel, a regional sales manager from Illinois. The fact that he hails from the same state as Whitney is certainly a factor the couple has going for them that she didn't with Chris, who maintains his residence on a farm in Iowa.

We're super happy for Whitney! It can't be easy to get back into the dating world after the whirlwind craziness of The Bachelor, so when someone from the show seems to successfully return to "civilian" dating, we totally salute them.

Now if we could just find someone for Chris. Maybe 2016 will be a lucky romance year for both of them.


Image via @Parisa/Splash News

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