This May Be the 'Gilmore Girls' Reunion Proof We've Been Waiting For (PHOTOS)

Gilmore Girls

Calling all Gilmore Girls fanatics ... rejoice! For there is hopeful news in the land. A fellow fan paid a visit to the Warner Bros. set in LA and shared some photos that seem to confirm that the Gilmore Girls reunion really is happening.


I know. Try to contain yourself. We've been waiting and waiting (and waiting!) for official confirmation that Netflix really is making those four 90-minute specials, and so far, we might as well have been waiting for Taylor Doose to say something not completely annoying!

Okay, you ready for this? Twitter user @caddyglass recently shared this evidence that all of our Stars Hollow-based hopes and dreams might be definitely coming true, maybe...

BEHOLD! There is a fresh coat of paint on Miss Patty's dance studio!!!!!

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And look! Other fresh-looking props:

Seriously ... we can't stand it. Just confirm it already! Why must they torture us?

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Remember, Lauren Graham added fuel to the fire in October with a tweet stating she couldn't confirm the rumors ... but she couldn't deny them, either:

We're just going with the belief that it's really true. Lorelai and Rory wouldn't tease us like that, right? RIGHT?



Image via Scott Garfield/Warner Bros./Getty Images

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