Farrah Abraham's Mom Is Taking Charge of Her Love Life

Glad that Farrah Abraham isn't dating Simon Saran anymore and ready to see her with someone new? Your wish might come true this season on Teen Mom OG. Apparently, Farrah's mom has been setting her up on blind dates, and it doesn't sound like Farrah's very happy about it. 


In a recent interview with People, Farrah dished about Debra's plans to find her a man, and says that it's going to be "amazing" to watch this season. We're so glad the MTV cameras caught this happening, because we have a feeling Farrah is right about this one.

Unfortunately, it sounds like she isn't too into her mom's choices, and that she feels she is the only one who really knows what she's looking for in a man. According to Farrah herself: 

I am very clear on what I need and what [daughter] Sophia needs. I can't wait for other moms to see this because I think it's really courageous of us to stay true to what we need and not ever settle.

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It's good to hear that Farrah is taking what's best for Sophia into account, because obviously whoever she dates has the potential to become a father figure to her daughter. 

She shouldn't be too quick to push away her mom's suggestions, though. She and Debra may not always (or ever) get along, but it's obvious that Debra loves Farrah and wants the best for her.

We can't wait to see who she chose! And the drama that's sure to follow, of course.


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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