Leah Messer Doesn't Want Her Ex Anywhere Near Her New Man

Leah Messer and T.R. Dues might be getting serious, but one thing's for sure: No matter how serious they get, he is not about to become bros with Leah's ex. Supposedly Leah doesn't let Corey Simms talk to her new boyfrienddespite the fact that Corey wants to get to know him.


In a new report from Radar Online, sources close to the former couple reveal that although Corey has "repeatedly asked" for the chance to talk to T.R., Leah won't let it happen. It's important to Corey to get to know him if he's going to be spending so much time around Ali and Aleeah, but so far, all that's come of it is a quick five-minute meeting.

"Corey just wants to know the girls are safe with this man," the insider says. Reasonable enough! 

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However, Leah hasn't filled him in on why she wants to keep them apart, and it sounds like when Corey asks for a reason, she "won't explain why they can't meet."

Sounds fishy to us! Maybe it's because Leah's worried they won't get along? Or she doesn't want Corey to scare T.R. away? Hmm.

Corey does have a point, though. If T.R. is going to live in Leah's house -- where Ali and Aleaah spend their weekends -- it's not so crazy for him to want to meet her new man. 

It's official, guys: Kiss those dreams of Corey, Miranda, Leah, and T.R. as one big, happy family good-bye! If those dreams even existed in the first place.


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