MTV Is Casting for 'Teen Mom 4' -- but There's a Twist

It looks like MTV is shaking things up over in Teen Mom! They put out a casting call on their website, and it looks like Teen Mom 4 might be a reality someday soon. But there's one catch -- it's nothing like the franchise format that we're used to.


The popular series Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 follow four stars each, who all originally had their own episode of 16 and Pregnant. We got an hour to meet each girl while she struggled with teen pregnancy, and eventually met her son or daughter. Teen Mom 3 also followed the same format, but was canceled after just one season.

We've been with these girls from the very beginning, and have gotten to know them as they've grown up alongside their children. But according to Teen Mom Junkies, MTV is casting for women in their 20s who "faced an unexpected pregnancy as a teen."

The notice continued, "MTV is looking for mothers from varying backgrounds who had children in their late teens and those children are now between the ages of 4 and 7; who would like to share their dramatic personal stories about their complicated journeys."

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That's so weird! I know they like to shake things up, but will we really be able to bond with them like we have the other girls? Being with them on their whole journeys is one of the things we love about the show.

Then again, we'll withhold judgment until we see what this beast is going to look like. Being that it's Teen Mom, you know there's going to be drama, no matter how they package it.


Image via MTV

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