Ben Higgins' First Rose Pick May Have Been a Mistake (SPOILERS)

Sometimes the first woman or man to make a killer initial impression on the Bachelor or Bachelorette isn't always a keeper. Get ready for a giant spoiler up ahead: Ben Higgins reportedly gave his first rose to a blonde news anchor who may have turned out to be more trouble than he predicted.


Olivia Caridi is a 23-year-old broadcast journalist who reportedly stole Ben's heart in the Season 20 premiere and may have even nabbed the group date rose in episodes 2 and 5. Even though fans of the show will have to wait until Jan. 4 to find out if there's any truth to this rumor, Reality Steve is already reporting that Olivia's brains, beauty, and charm impressed Ben right off the bat:

Not at all shocking, right? But there's more to it: Olivia reportedly hasn't been playing nice with her competition and may have made an off-putting derogatory comment about 25-year-old Amanda Stanton because she was a teen mom (she is divorced with two children). Amanda's friends on the shows have apparently rallied behind her and all of that negative attention may have ultimately affected the way Ben viewed Olivia.

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As a result of her comment(s?), Olivia reportedly lost out on a chance to score a 1-on-1 date with Ben and rumor has it he sends her packing after their trip to the Bahamas.

Remember: this is all juicy gossip right now and we won't know what really happens until the season premiere. We also have no idea what Olivia actually said about Amanda and whether her comment was blown out of proportion. In other words: we should still give Olivia a chance — Ben certainly did!


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