Kim Kardashian May Help Rob Lose Weight -- By Being His Workout Buddy

For the past couple of years, Rob Kardashian has struggled with his weight, and now that he's received the scary diagnosis of diabetes, it's time for him to get serious about weight loss. But there's good news: Kim Kardashian has reportedly vowed to help Rob lose weight.


According to what a source close to the fam tells Hollywood Life, Kim is already on a mission to say goodbye the 60 pounds she gained while she was pregnant -- yep, less than a month after Saint's birth. And this time, she's pulling Rob in on her super strict regimen, since doctors have told him he needs to lose 100 pounds himself.

The source says: 

Kim is working on figuring out how to lose the baby weight and working out is a pain to her, especially when you do it by yourself. She wants Rob to join her and she is anxious to go through the process together. 

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Not a bad idea! Working out is way more fun when you have someone to hold you accountable -- and when you have a friendly face running on the treadmill next to you. Maybe this will be the key to his success!

Either way, we hope that Rob is able to find the motivation to lose and keep off his extra weight. Diabetes is serious, and he deserves to be healthy and happy again! 


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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