Farrah Abraham Makes Her Mom Cry in New 'Teen Mom OG' Promo (VIDEO)

Farrah Abraham and her mom, Debra, have never had a good relationship, but is it possible that things between them could get even worse?! In a new clip from the upcoming premiere of Teen Mom OG, Farrah makes her mom cry ... and Sophia isn't exactly helping matters.


In the clip, Farrah is talking to Debra before leaving to film Big Brother UK, and despite the fact that her mom is watching Sophia for her while she's out of the country, Farrah isn't very kind about it. 

At first, Farrah explains that there are rules in her house and insinuates that her mom wastes soap when she does laundry, and that definitely rubs Debra the wrong way. Then, Farrah calls her a "nanny," which Debra isn't -- and let's face it, if Farrah talked to a hired nanny this way, she'd be looking for a new one. 

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In fact, the way Farrah's talking to her mom is so bad that Sophia interrupts her by repeatedly slapping her and telling her, "You have a bad attitude." Sophia, we can't disagree with you there!

At that point, Debra starts crying and tells Farrah, "You don't need to be mean to me." But Farrah holds her ground, and we can't help but wonder why she's even leaving Sophia with Debra in the first place if she's this unsure about how she'll take care of her daughter. 

Will this family ever get along? Probably not, but when Sophia is telling her mom to get a better attitude, that's when you know it's serious.


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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