Amber Portwood's Afraid Her Ex Is Turning Their Daughter Against Her (VIDEO)

On this season of Teen Mom OG, the custody battle between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley is heating up. And in a new clip from the premiere, Amber's worried Gary is turning Leah against her


It all starts when Amber and her fiance, Matt Baier are out to dinner and Amber gets a call from Gary. Apparently, Leah doesn't want to come over for her time with her mom, but Amber's not buying it. 

"Something's going on," Amber tells Matt. "I hope he's not saying sh—t to her. I think he's getting scared because I said that sh—t about custody." 

We'd like to think that Gary would never do something like that, but being that he and Amber are having a pretty intense battle over Leah right now, anything is possible.

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This has to be a really difficult time for Gary and Amber both, but we probably won't see the real story until Teen Mom OG is back. The good news for us: That's only a few days from now on Monday, January 4! 

And whatever the outcome, we hope it's what's best for Leah. She's who's most important here!


Image via realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

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