Questions Surrounding Yolanda Foster's Health on 'RHOBH' Just Got Worse

As if Yolanda Foster's personal health battle wasn't bad enough, her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates can't stop talking about...or diagnosing her themselves. As the former model prepped for a major surgery in her fight against Lyme disease, the situation got a lot worse.


While no one is necessarily questioning the fact that Yolanda is ill, Lisa Rinna did bring up some local Malibu gossip about whether or not she's actually suffering from Lyme disease or something else. That something else being munchhausen disease -- not exactly the kind of scuttlebutt Yolanda is going to appreciate.

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The woman has basically gone to the ends of the earth to find a cure (or at least some help) for Lyme disease, so for someone to even remotely question that her suffering might be due to something else hurts. When Yolanda mentions to some of the women that she heard Taylor Armstrong had been questioning her health to Lisa Rinna at a recent social function, Eileen Davidson got confused and thought she was talking about the rumors Lisa had mentioned to the RHOBH cast in the previous week's episode.

To put it simply - Eileen accidentally just screwed Lisa Rinna by sharing the can of worms she had just opened up in regards to Yolanda. No bueno.

We're super interested to see how this situation plays out now that Yolanda's pal Erika Girardi is officially a member of the RHOBH gang. Considering how candid and outspoken Erika already appears to be, we have a feeling she's not going to let anyone talk smack about her friend.

Image via Michael Larsen/Bravo

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