Farrah Abraham Posts Hearbreaking Tribute to Sophia's Late Father (VIDEO)

Although her actions may be questionable at times, Farrah Abraham shared a sweet tribute honoring Sophia's father, who was tragically killed in a car accident seven years ago.


Derek Underwood lost his life just a month before Farrah was due to give birth to Sophia. The aftermath of the horrific accident has been well documented over the years on Teen Mom.

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Each year around the anniversary of his death, Farrah pays homage to her late boyfriend. This year's tribute was posted to Instagram, with the reality star playing Bette Midler's "The Rose" while displaying photos of Derek.

Today Is a special day to take a moment to show our love for the loss of Daddy Derek who still is so important in our every day lives, this past year has had some struggles dealing with our loss, I'm so proud of Sophia for asking about when she will get to see her daddy Derek again, and having a healthy journey of discovery of what death is and how we grieve differently as a child and adult. I love Derek so much and I Love Sophia so much, Derek gave me the best gift from God and I'm so thankful everyday for the wonderful memories Derek and I made together and so thankful everyday for the memories Sophia and I get to make together. I am in a much better place this year and I look forward to a even greater 2016 filled with peace & remembrance from all the truly special and amazing people God has put in my life. Derek is loved by so many , family and friends.Derek is truly a special person in our hearts�� 12/28/2008.

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We have to wonder if life might have been different for Farrah and Sophia had Derek not lost his life. Maybe the reality star would have taken the same career trajectory into porn, but maybe not. Either way, it's a heartbreaking reminder that Sophia will never know her biological father.

And we have to say, despite Farrah's acting kind of bananas at times, we appreciate the way she remembers Derek and remains open with Sophia in talking about her father.


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