Cast of Felicity Then & Now -- Who Has Changed The Most? (PHOTOS)

Rosy Cordero | Dec 29, 2015 TV
Cast of Felicity Then & Now -- Who Has Changed The Most? (PHOTOS)

The year was 1998. A young writer named J.J. Abrams made his first foray into television with a coming-of-age show, Felicity. Critics called the drama and its titular character among the best in television history. Though it lasted just four seasons, it went down in pop culture history and made stars of several of the actors involved, especially Keri Russell.

Let's take a walk down memory lane and revisit the University of New York's alumni then and now.

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  • Keri Russell: Then


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    A born dreamer who takes a chance on love, Felicity Porter, leaves her home in Palo Alto after graduating high school to follow her crush Ben Covington (Scott Speedman) to New York City. While he was the reason for her to leave her comfort zone, Felicity ended up finding herself, great friends, and her voice in the big city. Playing Felicity made Kerri Russell a star.

  • Keri Russell: Now


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    Though Felicity earned acclaim from critics and fans alike (despite that time Russell infamously cut her curls short), Russell moved on to more explosive big-screen projects, including Mission: Impossible III, before making pies in the sweet dramedy Waitress. In 2013, she signed on to the FX spy drama The Americans alongside her co-star and boyfriend Matthew Rhys. It's as big a success as Felicity.


  • Scott Speedman: Then


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    It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Scott Speedman played the hunky-yet-shy Ben Covington who inspired a high school classmate to move cross country. Ben and Felicity were an on-and-off item often caught in a love triangle with Noel Crane (well hello, Scott Foley) or with Julie (Amy Jo Johnson).

  • Scott Speedman: Now


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    Since getting fans to cheer for Team Ben for four seasons, Scott moved on to the dark Underworld series as well as the romantic drama The Vow. In 2012 he put on a Navy uniform for the ABC military drama Last Resort that sadly didn't make it past one season.

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  • Scott Foley: Then


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    In his breakout role, Scott Foley played Noel Crane, the nerdy resident advisor who desperately wanted to win the affections of freshman Felicity. Noel was caught in a love triangle with Felicity and Ben before spiraling into a marriage that eventually is annulled. 

  • Scott Foley: Now


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    Following his success on the show, Foley had a recurring role on Scrubs and for three years, played Sgt. First Class Bob Brown on CBS show The Unit. But his biggest post-Felicity success has come on Scandal, playing morally conflicted (and hot as all get out) government operative Jake.

  • Greg Grunberg: Then


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    As Sean Blumberg, Greg Grunberg was the  cool older guy with his own place on Felicity. Nearly everyone ends up living at his loft throughout the series and they witness all the kooky ideas he has for inventions. Before the series ends, he and Meagan (Amanda Foreman) get married.

  • Greg Grunberg: Now


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    After Felicity, Grunberg starred on another J.J Abrams creation, Alias in the role of Eric Wise. His biggest TV role to date was as Matt Parkman on the NBC cult hit, Heroes. Although the show didn't last more than four years, he returned for the mini-series special Heroes Reborn. Oh, and of course he was in a little movie called Star Wars The Force Awakens.

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  • Amy Jo Johnson: Then


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    If you were mad when Julie Emrick (Amy Jo Johnson) went for best friend Felicity's man Ben, you're not alone. But her storyline got heavier as the series went on, especially when we found out Julie was in New York to find her birth mother.

  • Amy Jo Johnson: Now


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    Amy is most famous for being the pink Power Ranger from 1993 to 1995. After her stint on Felicity, she went on to nab a lead role in The Division and a recurring role in Wildfire. Most recently she starred as Hayley Price on the USA drama, Covert Affairs.

  • Amanda Foreman: Then


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    When Felicity first arrived on campus, she met her goth roommate Meghan (Amanda Foreman). They weren't friends at all at first, but as the series progressed they grew to be very close. Meghan marries Sean Blumberg in Season 4. 

  • Amanda Foreman: Now


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    Amanda went on to star in a two more J.J. Abrams series, including Alias and What About Brian? Abrams hired her again for the flicks Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. Clearly, the two have a great working relationship. Most recently, Foreman starred on the no-defunct Parenthood. 

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  • Ian Gomez: Then


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    It was a character ahead of its time: Ian Gomez played the role of Javier Clemente Quintata, Felicity and Ben's close gay friend and manager at  Dean & Deluca coffee shop. Although he enjoyed being flirty with Ben, he falls in love and marries Samuel in season three.

  • Ian Gomez: Now


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    After his popularity on the show, Ian went on to star in The Norm Show, Jake in Progress, and Cougar Town. In 2002, he co-starred in My Big Fat Greek Wedding alongside his wife Nia Vardalos. The film tells the story of a Greek Orthodox woman who marries an Anglo dude (John Corbett), much like her relationship with Gomez.

  • Tangi Miller: Then


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    Every girl needs an A-type pal. Tangi Miller played Felicity's best friend Elena Tyler and her lab partner. Elena is extremely competitive with dreams of going to medical school. She dies in in a car crash on the show's final season...or does she? Depends on whether you watched the final episode's alternate ending.

  • Tangi Miller: Now


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    Tangi Miller guest starred on The Shield, Kim Possible, The District, and The Division. She also hit the big screen in the horror film Leprechaun: Back 2 the Hood and Madea's Family Reunion.

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