Ben Higgins Rejects a Kiss on the 'Bachelor' Premiere -- Ouch! (VIDEO)

Remember how Ben Higgins said he wasn't going to be kissing as much as other leading men on The Bachelor this season? He definitely wasn't kidding. In a new clip from the premiere, Ben turns down a kiss from one of his contestants, and it proves he's sticking to his guns on this one! 


In a sneak peek from Entertainment Weekly, we see Ben chatting at the cocktail party with a contestant named Lace, and she tries to go in for the kill by asking for a kiss. Unfortunately, Ben totally rejects her, which has to be embarrassing. But at least he remembers to tell her it's not her fault? 

His reasoning: If he starts kissing now, he'll lose out on the opportunity to get to know all of these women. The only way to avoid getting distracted by their beauty is to keep the conversation flowing ... and the lip-locks at a minimum. 

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"My goal was to really get to know everybody," Ben explains, and that is that.

Not a bad method, Ben! Future Bachelors could learn a thing or two from him ... and so could ones from the past. All that flack Chris Soules got for smooching too much could have totally been avoided! 

Even if this season is going to be light on the PDA, we still can't wait to watch. Ben is going to make the most adorable Bachelor, and this short clip is all the proof we need. Is it next Monday yet?!


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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