Leah Messer Hints at Making 'Different Choices' & That's Great New Year's Goal!

There's no doubt about it -- Leah Messer has had a pretty difficult year. She entered rehab and lost primary custody of her girls to her ex, Corey Simms, on top of divorcing her second husband, Jeremy Calvert. So will 2016 be better for the Teen Mom 2 star? It sounds like Leah wants to make "different choices" from here on out.


On Friday, Leah retweeted a message from a horoscope Twitter account that referred to making different choices if you don't like the results of the choices you have made. And being that Leah's had such a tough time, it definitely sounds like this is something she'll be doing in the year ahead. 

She also followed up that retweet with another from the same account.

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Is this a sign Leah's turning over a new leaf? We hope so, because it's obvious that she's been struggling lately. Maybe a major lifestyle change will be just what she needs to turn her luck around.

Here's hoping Leah has a much better 2016 than 2015. With her custody battle with Corey continuing into next year, she's going to need it! 


Image via leahdmesser/Instagram

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