Farrah Abraham's Daughter Freaks Out When She Opens a Giant Present (VIDEO)

Christmas is awesome no matter how old you are, but who can argue how much fun it is when you're a kid? One person who knows this well is Farah Abraham's daughter, Sophia. In a video Farrah shared over the weekend, Sophia freaks out when she opens her Christmas present, and her reaction is too cute.


In the Instagarm vid, we see Sophia -- decked out in a Santa hat and Minions pajamas -- ripping open a huge gift. And when she realizes what's inside that big box, she lets out a scream.

Sophia is clearly thrilled with her gift ... and we have a feeling she'll get plenty of use out of it, zooming around the driveway. Way to go, Mom!

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We can't say we're surprised that Sophia received such a huge present. After all, Farrah's been known to give her thousands of dollars in Tooth Fairy gifts, so we had a feeling she wouldn't be slacking as Santa, either! 

And thanks to Farrah's Instagram, we know that Sophia also got a kid-sized pool table and an inflatable moon bounce with a slide. Luckiest girl ever? We think so! 

Sophia, if you ever want us to come over and play, we're game. That car is so cool! 


Image via Farrah__abraham/Instagram

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