Farrah Abraham Almost Runs MTV Producer Over in 'Teen Mom OG' Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Oh you have to be kidding me. Farrah Abraham nearly ran over an MTV producer recently, and we were reminded of why this chick constantly gets on our bad side.


The Teen Mom OG star apparently wanted to have nothing to do with her producer, as she practically ran him over while presumably filming for MTV.

Farrah's feud with Larry Musnik has been going on for weeks, but this is the first time that we've really gotten to see just how much Farrah is done with her MTV crew.

Ugh. The fact that she not only pushed Larry the producer out of her car, but then lied about, it is just sucky. Larry seemed to just want to know about Farrah's public appearances, saying, "I just need to correct this with Johnny because this is a promoted event right now."

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Johnny Donovan is Farrah's manager, and it was obvious that he and Larry were not in communication. After Larry threatened Farrah over using the network logo, she shot back, "Sure. You know what? Then I won't be a part of the logo, and you guys can all go eat s--t. ... Shut the f--king door, Larry."

This whole scene was a giant mess, and reminds us one more time just how volatile Farrah is.


Image via @gotpaptv/Splash News

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