The 'Facts of Life' Cast Then & Now -- Who Has Changed the Most?

For those who have turned on TV Land recently, they'll know that The Facts of Life is in syndication -- and on heavy rotation. That's right, now we all have a chance to hang out with our favorite high schoolers Natalie, Blair, Tootie, Jo, and Mrs. G, five nights a week! So what better time to take a trip down memory lane and see what the gals of Eastland School for Young Women have been up to? Read on to see where these stars are now! 


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Remember the days when Mrs. Garrett had all the answers? If only we could tap her sage advice now that we've grown up! Or maybe it'd be better to go to Natalie or Blair with our problems -- those two always seemed to have the answers (when they weren't fighting). Wouldn't it be great to go back to a time when all we needed to worry about was making sure to be in front of the TV to watch Jo and Blair one-up each other? We never missed an episode of this show -- and we know that so many of our readers didn't either. 

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What has the cast of The Facts of Life been up to since we last saw them? Scroll through to see how these stars have changed since the show's debut in 1979. And tell us which Eastland girl is tops! 


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