'Bachelor" Contestant Has an Arrest Record: What Will Ben Higgins Think?

Over the years, fans of The Bachelor have gotten used to meeting quite a few interesting and colorful contestants, but one woman this season may completely break the mold. The Bachelor contestant Meagan Miller reportedly has an arrest record — something sweet and wholesome Ben Higgins may not be able to look past.


The 30-year-old brunette beauty from Weatherford, Texas, describes herself as a "cowgirl" who loves country music, hot weather, and drinking beer. She also comes across as quite fierce, claiming she wouldn't think twice about chopping the head off of any snake that comes sneaking onto her property. I don't know about you, but I think I just found my future best friend.

But Meagan has also admitted that her fun-loving ways landed her in hot water with police. She was reportedly arrested last year for driving under the influence of alcohol after she was pulled over in Weatherford for reckless driving and had "a strong smell of alcohol on her breath, slurred her speech and had bloodshot, glassy eyes," according to the sheriff's report.

Her troubles aren't over yet. She is scheduled to appear in court for her DUI in February — one month after the January 4 season premiere of The Bachelor.

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I'm not sure how Ben will handle this news. The 27-year-old cutie is being portrayed as the most genuine sweetheart ever to appear on the reality show and he has a solid reputation as an innocent and responsible man who is looking for true love and a life partner. Everyone makes mistakes, of course, and it's possible he'll be able to overlook Meagan's DUI, but on the surface it seems like a lot more drama than Ben would be comfortable handling.

I don't think it helps that Meagan emerged from her limo to greet Ben alongside her horse. Um, or that she talks about beer in her bio after a DUI arrest. That might just be a big ole red flag right there.

In this video promo, you can tell Ben is trying to be courteous to Meagan, but he seems utterly baffled by her.

Every season needs a Meagan to keep things interesting. I'm not sure what her chances are of scoring a rose from Ben, but opposites can attract, right?


Image via Dara Kushner/INFPhoto.com/Splash News

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