Sneak Peek of 'Bachelor' Premiere Limo Arrivals Is Here -- Giddyup! (VIDEO)

Dying to see a sneak peek of the Bachelor premiere? We're just a couple of weeks away, and this holiday season, ABC is giving us a pretty special gift. The network released a sneak peek of Bachelor limo arrivals, and it's making us super excited for the full episode! 


In the clip, we see contestant Megan make her big entrance to meet Ben Higgins for the first time, and her arrival is definitely one he'll never forget. She comes in walking a pony named Huey behind her, and she describes herself pretty concisely: "trail rides and beer, and a mini horse in my backyard." 

At least she sounds interesting! 

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And to Ben's credit, he took the whole thing in stride. He didn't look the least bit fazed that someone brought her horse with her to meet him, and it looked like he might even be a fan of her crazy idea ... if not a little confused. 

Megan proceeded to bring the horse inside to the cocktail party, so now we have to wonder ... how long does this horse actually stay? Will he be here for rose ceremonies?

Oh, Bachelor. You're just a couple weeks away. Can't wait to see the rest of the arrivals!


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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