Leah Messer's Girls Refer to TR Dues's Kids as Their 'Brothers'

Leah Messer and TR Dues have been trying to deny their relationship for a long time now, but there's no denying it anymore! Now that we know they're living together, the next step is only natural: Reportedly, Leah's kids and TR's kids act like siblings.


TR has two kids -- 8-year-old Tyshawn and 4-year-old Angelo -- who are all living in Leah's house, and according to what a source close to Leah tells Radar Online, they're all living as one big, happy family now.

In fact, the girls even refer to Tyshawn and Angelo as their "brothers," and they're all "very close." Good to hear that everybody is getting along! 

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Now that Addie, Ali, and Aleeah have yet another baby sister -- Corey and Miranda's daughter, Remi -- they're probably glad to have some boys to hang out with. It sounds like everything's going smoothly, which is great news, especially if Leah and TR end up staying together a long time. 

And at this point, it sounds like that's exactly what's going on. The source adds that Leah and TR's relationship is "going strong" -- so far, so good! 


Image via MTV

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