Chelsea Houska Is Already Talking About Having Babies With Cole DeBoer

Since we first met Chelsea Houska on 16 and Pregnant, one thing has been important to her above all else: having a family. Unfortunately, that didn't work out with Adam Lind, but now that she's engaged to Cole DeBoer? It's finally happening! And now, Chelsea is excited to have kids with Cole in the future. 


This week, she shared the most adorable throwback photo of Cole as a kid -- bow tie and all. Her logic? Cole was so cute as a kid that their future babies will be precious, too, and we can't disagree with her. Look at this face! 

Being that Cole is a pretty good-looking guy, it's no surprise that he was a good-looking kid, too. Aubree's future brothers and sisters are going to be adorbs!

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It's sweet that Chelsea shared such a cute pic, but even better that she also admitted that she's planning to have more kids in the future. And since Aubree turned into a funny and smart kid, we're pretty happy with her decision. 

Now, we just need Chels and Cole to walk down the aisle. Okay, so maybe they haven't been engaged that long, but we're still excited. Why do we have a feeling that everything at their wedding is going to be the most gorgeous thing ever?! 

Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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