Nathan Griffith Is 'Begging' Jenelle Evans to See Kaiser Over the Holidays

Since breaking up with Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans hasn't exactly been on good terms with her ex, but one fact remains the same: He's the father of their son, Kaiser. And now, Nathan is begging to spend time with Kaiser -- but will Jenelle actually let him?


According to what Nathan tells Radar Online, he has a ton of toys to gift Kaiser for Christmas, but only if Jenelle lets him see his son. And as far as Nathan can tell, it doesn't seem likely that she'll give in, especially since she's tried to keep them apart for awhile.

Why? Jenelle's still mad that Nathan's girlfriend, Jessica, pressed charges against her after Jenelle threw a glass bottle at her in August, and she's holding Kaiser ransom until she decides to drop the charges. Wait, is that even legal?!

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At this point, Nathan says seeing Kaiser is "out of my control," and says he has anxiety about not being able to see him, and that he worries about him every day. Nathan even adds, "It's killing me not being with him." 

Poor Nathan! Regardless of what has happened between Nathan and Jenelle, it's not right to keep a father away from his son, especially since Kai has nothing to do with the problems between his parents. 

Here's hoping they figure out a solution soon. Poor Kaiser!


Image via groundlevelup/Twitter

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