Farrah Abraham Calls Sophia 'Selfish' in New 'Teen Mom OG' Preview (VIDEO)

We've always known Farrah Abraham has had a bit of an unconventional parenting style, but this? We're officially raising our eyebrows. In a new Teen Mom OG preview, Farrah calls Sophia selfish, and it's really surprising that she would say something like that to her daughter -- and on camera. 


In the clip, Farrah can be heard having a serious, sit-down talk with Sophia, and then, it happens. 

"Sometimes you're immature, and you're selfish, and you don't think about other people but yourself," Farrah tells her 6-year-old. 

Hate to break it to you, Farrah, but she's 6. She's supposed to be immature. And the rest? Well, that kinda comes with being a kid, too. And it's not like Sophia's acting out is anything new.

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In a lot of the previews for the show so far, Sophia's been exhibiting some bad behavior, like sticking her tongue out and even throwing things at her grandma. But maybe that has more to do with how her mom is raising her than anything else? Hmm.

The good news? Sophia's still really young, which means there's plenty of time to correct her bad habits. We're just hoping that her mom is still young enough to correct her own. 

If nothing else, this season of Teen Mom OG is going to be a wild ride. Buckle up, Sophia! 


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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