A New 'Bachelor' Spin-Off Show Is Coming to a TV Near You

Missing After Paradise, the show that aired after Bachelor in Paradise all season long? There's good news! The Bachelor officially has its own aftershow called The Bachelor Live.  


The details: Chris Harrison will be hosting the show, which will show deleted scenes, offer up interviews with cast members, and feature talking to celeb fans of the show, much like After Paradise did. TV Guide adds that so far, the show is booked for the first five episodes of Ben Higgins's season, but may extend even longer than that. 

With the success of After Paradise, it's not too surprising that another aftershow is happening. And we're definitely not gonna say no to extra Ben every week, right?

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There's not too much more info about the show available yet, but hopefully, we'll get more details soon. We're looking forward to hearing more from the contestants after their eliminations each week, so it'll be nice to get their perspective on things months after they've happened. 

ABC, you've done it again. Is it too late to declare all day every Monday Bachelor programming only? We'll vote for that.

More Ben, more Chris Harrison, more drama. What else do we need?!


Image via ABC

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