Kaitlyn Bristowe Hit With New Breakup Rumors After Shawn Travels Without Her

If you're worried that Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth spending time apart is a signal that a split is on the way, don't worry -- sometimes, they just do their own thing. Recently, Kaitlyn defended her relationship with Shawn, and it sounds like there's no trouble in paradise whatsoever. 


The breakup rumors began (for the hundredth time) when Shawn visited his family without Kaitlyn in tow, while she stayed back in Nashville. They were immediately met with questions from fans, and Kait had a pretty simple answer.

Need more proof that everything's okay between them?

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According to the caption on that photo, it definitely sounds like Kait is over having to defend her relationship and deal with breakup rumors. And can you blame her? Every move she makes is scrutinized by tons of people, so she probably just wants to chill out! 

It definitely does seem like Kaitlyn and Shawn have this whole relationship thing under control. We'll just assume everything is going great until proven otherwise. Hey guys, when's the wedding? 


Image via kaitlynbristowe/Instagram

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