Farrah Abraham's Daughter Shouldn't Be This Good at Putting Mascara On (VIDEO)

She really should know better by now. Farrah Abraham posted a video of her daughter putting on makeup, and the backlash was basically immediate. While I don't normally raise an eyebrow over a 6-year-old playing with Mom's makeup, there was something rather off-putting about this vid.


This wasn't just a kid awkwardly dabbing her cheeks with a blush brush. Farrah's daughter was caught on camera expertly applying mascara to her lashes.


I have two daughters, and yes, they have both worn mascara on special occasions (usually recitals or school plays), and every time I put it on them, they're scared I'm going to stab them in the eye.

Then here's 6-year-old Sophia, applying it like a pro. This seems like more than a special-occasion kind of thing. Farrah has a history of trying to make her daughter grow up too fast, including indoctrinating her about getting plastic surgery someday, and getting her her own Instagram account.

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Farrah needs to take it easy with Sophia and encourage her to slow down a little bit and enjoy her childhood. She's going to grow up eventually, and probably add false lashes to that mascara, but for now, she shouldn't be wearing mascara on the regular.


Image via gotpap/Bauergriffin.com/Splash News

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