We Know Who Killed Scotty Lockhart, but Many Questions Remain on 'The Affair'

alison in court the affairLeave it to The Affair to finally answer some of our most pressing questions with a tangled, twisted web of gasp-worthy and eyebrow-raising moments. On last night's season two finale, we finally learned who killed Scott Lockhart. And of course, it's more complicated than we could have guessed.



It was an accident.

But first: The series of events leading up to the dramatic death began the day of Cole and Luisa's wedding, which we first see from Noah's perspective.

cole and luisa wedding

After evading his requests to come back to the city full-time (she's been part-timing it out in Montauk to open Lockhart's Lobster Roll), Alison finally breaks the news that Joanie is (probably) Cole's daughter. Noah predictably flips out, goes all dark-and-broody author on her, and concludes with, "Don't take this the wrong way, but I never want to see you again."

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He proceeds to go to town on a bottle of booze and get dragged out of the venue by hawkeyed Helen (there as her mom's date, with her doctor BF back in the city). She whisks him off to a deserted beach where they swig a bottle of champagne and frolic in the waves. Yeah, we know part of their bond has to do with the four children between them, but it seems like there's potential there for them to reunite.

Especially because after leaving the beach, the drunk exes bicker over who's going to drive the car (uh-oh), and although Helen manages to convince Noah to take the wheel initially (cuz she has that DWI on her record, after all), he can't handle the voices of the past three years creating a disturbing cacophony in his head, and he begs her to switch. She's singing along to "San Francisco Days," he puts his hand on hers, she looks down for a split second, and BOOM. Hits ... something.

She swears it's a deer, but we know better. It's Scotty. Noah gets out of the car and confirms it, then looks into the bushes for a good 30 seconds ... but we don't see what he sees. (Yet.) He drives Helen home and gives her an alibi, telling her he wants her to have nothing to do with this.

Cut to the future in court, and Noah's lawyer asking him if he wants to go with Plan B: throw Alison under the bus. He doesn't reply.

And then we're in Alison's perspective, in which we see a sweet and possibly foreshadowing pre-wedding convo with Cole on the beach (he says he always thought he'd have another biological kid) and the "that's our baby" argument with Scotty at the Lobster Roll.

alison and cole on the beach

In her POV, she tells Noah in a breathy whisper that Joanie's not his while Scott takes the stage to sing a haunting version of "The House of the Rising Sun."

Later, she's clearly upset and walking on the highway in the fog, only to encounter Scott, who's thoroughly off the wagon, in that abandoned row boat, and threatening to rape her. She pushes him away, and ... right in front of Helen and Noah's speeding SUV. OMG. And when Noah gets out and glimpses into the woods, we see from Alison's perspective that she makes eye contact with him and says, "I pushed him." 

alison in the bushes scott death

They meet back at the Roll, and she reiterates this to him on the dance floor. They apologized to and comforted one another in the wake of the incident, but this being the dark world of The Affair, something tells us they're about to go from a couple who was once madly in love to a couple of convenience.

Back in court, Alison and Noah have a tense convo about the investigator's being called as a witness. She knows that means the blame will be shifted to her, and she asks Noah to please just tell the truth. He says he can't, because Helen's the mother of his children.

Instead, he stands up just as the investigator is about to take the stand and tells the judge he has a confession: He killed Scott.

noah in court the affair

Whoa, so much for him being thoroughly hateable!

The Qs left hanging in the foggy Montauk air that we're still gonna need resolved in season three:

  • Was Noah and Alison's reconciliation on the dance floor for real or has their relationship after the death merely served as a cover for the murder?
  • How on earth is Noah going to manipulate the situation now that he's taking the fall for Helen and Ali?
  • When/how is Cole going to learn that he's Joanie's dad? Will it destroy his new happiness with Luisa?
  • Is it possible the whole series could end up coming full circle, with Helen and Noah reconciling, and Cole and Alison reuniting to raise Joanie together?

We'll have to wait 'til October 2016 to find out.


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