Kenya Moore Under Fire for 'RHOA's' Miami Debacle

Whenever any Real Housewives event or vacation starts out with a cast member telling the camera she hopes everyone can get along for a fun, peaceful time, you know there's going to be drama. The Miami getaway planned by Atlanta's Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams was no exception.


Initially when rando houseguest Tammy McCall invites her "nephew" Glen (the jury is still out on whether they're actually related) and his friend back to the South Florida pad where the women are staying, Kenya is all for it. She seems like she's trying to flirt with Glen, though he appears to have a bit of an attitude problem.

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Fast-forward to the end of a late night of drinking when Kenya deems the dude too volatile and, as she does so well, tries to have him removed from the house. All of a sudden all hell breaks loose; Glen gets violent and, in a fit over getting the boot, actually knocks Tammy to the ground, where she looks unconscious. Security steps in and takes Glen down, throwing him out while Tammy is picked up by an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

Considering Kenya's quick trigger finger on having someone kicked out of a house, a boat, or an event when she decides she doesn't like the look of you, it makes one question if she really felt like the women were in danger or if she just wanted to stir the pot. Kim Fields, for one, thinks it's the latter. And we can't say we blame her.

Kim is over the drama and the physical altercations, so she removes herself from the situation and goes to a hotel for the night, then hightails it back to Atlanta the next morning. She's seen Kenya remove enough people from different scenarios at this point to wonder if she'll turn on her next.

We're not sure if these two will ever see eye to eye, but at least for the time being Kenya is willing to hear Kim out, even if it's only to tell her she doesn't agree with her POV. We'll see how long that lasts, but for now, we're sticking with Team Kim.


Image via Mark Hill/Bravo

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