'Fuller House' Recut as a Horror Film Makes Us Fear for the Tanners (VIDEO)

We were thrilled when the first teaser trailer for Fuller House debuted this week -- even if we didn't get a look at any of the stars. But when Fuller House got recut as a horror film preview, we saw the Tanner home in a completely different light.


ScreenCrush took the nostalgic trailer and, by simply changing up the soundtrack, changed the whole feel of it into something beyond creepy.


They changed the original score from Miranda Lambert's "The House That Built Me," and added that sinister music instead.

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The clip was full of our childhood memories just days ago, but now we're scared for Comet. Well, that dog might be Comet's great-great-grandson after all this time, but still. Something is totally going to get that dog.


Image via ScreenCrush/YouTube

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