Leah Messer's Birthday Message to Her Twins Will Break Your Heart

Say what you want about her actions on Teen Mom 2, but Leah Messer didn't get to spend her twins' birthday with them, and her social media post about it is really depressing.


Leah took to Facebook to share some sweet sentiments about Aliannah and Aleeah, offering up "Eskimo kisses" from "miles away."

Later, she posted this photo of a lonely glass of wine and some fruit on Twitter -- apparently this is the way she celebrated the girls' big day.

Leah lost custody of the girls from Monday through Friday to her ex Corey Simms, which is why she couldn't be with them on their birthday. But word on the street is a new custody hearing is set, in an attempt to overturn the judge's decision to give Corey the bulk of the time with the kids.

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We really hope Leah is able to regain custody of the kids, or at least get more time with them during the week. It has to be emotionally exhausting only being allowed to see them on the weekends and not getting to enjoy their day-to-day activities.

It's so easy to watch Teen Mom and think of it as just a "reality" show for our entertainment, but there are actual lives and kids involved. As intense as the drama is to watch, here's hoping 2016 goes a little easier on the entire cast.

Image via MTV

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