Farrah Abraham Explains Why She Lets Her Daughter Have an Instagram Account

Most of us remember what childhood was like before social networking, but for kids today? Not an option. And some of them are hopping on social media pretty early in life ... especially a certain Teen Mom OG daughter. Recently, Farrah Abraham defended allowing 6-year-old Sophia to use Instagram, and things make a lot more sense now.


Earlier this month, Sophia debuted her very own Instagram, much to the dismay of her mom's followers. We'll admit that 6 years old is pretty young to be taking on the Instagram world, but it does seem that she's heavily guided by her mom.

And now? Farrah's tired of the haters, and she's ready to stand up for her parenting decisions. While talking to OK! magazine, she explained that she and Sophia made the decision to start her Instagram after some "deep talks," and ultimately, she wants to give Sophia her own space for kid-friendly posts instead of seeing everything Mommy shares. Um, yeah -- some of Farrah's posts can be pretty scandalous! 

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Farrah explained: 

She has her own huge fanbase and she should have an Instagram, a Snapchat, a Facebook, a Twitter, and she has all those things. I have to say it’s not really outlandish to do that when you are in the public eye. I’m comfortable with having that because it’s run by a PR firm. It's me and everyone else approving things and watching over. It’s not Sophia directly ... she has fun with it.

Now that we know a PR firm is behind it, that makes a little more sense. Don't worry, guys -- Sophia isn't let loose all over the Internet. She's mostly just being adorable in the photos that are posted, and her involvement ends there.

It's good to hear that Sophia and her mom are being smart about this decision. Is it necessary for a kid that young to have her own account? Maybe not, but it seems to be working for them!


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram 

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