Farrah Abraham's 'Teen Mom' Departure Might Not Be Up to Her

Farrah Abraham has threatened to leave Teen Mom OG on more than one occasion, but sometime soon, it may not be her choice. Following reports that Sophia's mom got into a physical fight with a producer, it sounds like MTV might fire Farrah


As Radar Online reports, the feud has created a lot of "animosity and tension" while Farrah is filming, and the behind-the-scenes of the show isn't a fun place to be right now. Honestly, is anyone surprised? If you slug a coworker, it's not going to be fun at work the next day. Or maybe ever again.

So what happens next? Sources with insight on the show are split about what Farrah's Teen Mom future holds. Some say that this is grounds for an automatic dismissal, while others say Farrah's here to stay.

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This, combined with other rumblings that Farrah's ready to quit, are leaving us wondering if this will be the last season she participates on the show. Whether she decides to leave or not, it's clear that this just isn't working out. 

We'll miss seeing the drama of Farrah's everyday life on the show, but if it's becoming an unsafe environment for the crew to work in? It's worth it to keep everyone comfortable. 

Farrah, a few apologies could be in order. It might not be too late to save her spot on the show!


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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