Farrah Abraham Reportedly Slugged a 'Teen Mom OG' Producer

Oh, Farrah Abraham. We had a feeling that as the Teen Mom OG premiere gets closer, even more drama would be coming her way, and it looks like we were right on the money. Reportedly, Farrah hit a Teen Mom producer while filming, and it does not sound pretty.


According to a report from Radar Online, Farrah's alleged altercation was with producer Larry Musnik after harsh words were exchanged. Remember that part in the trailer where Farrah seriously lashes out at a crew member and says she doesn't need to be part of this "trashy" show? It sounds like more went down in that argument than we saw in the promo. 

So what happened? Apparently, Farrah was told she couldn't participate in another reality show because it conflicted with her Teen Mom contract, and this caused her to "turn violent," allegedly punching and shoving the producer. Yikes! 

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And it's not just the crew who are tired of Farrah's bad behavior. It sounds like her costars are too, and it wouldn't surprise us if they weren't willing to put up with her for much longer.

As the source said:

They are sick and tired of her diva behavior. She always has to have her own dressing room, and to be announced separately when she enters a room. And then she attacks a member of their beloved crew. The girls have had enough.

Can we blame them? Nope. If Farrah keeps this up, her future on the show may be limited -- and then, it won't be her choice to leave.


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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