15 'Bachelor' Contestants Whose Lives Were Ruined by the Show

BIP castA lot of good can come from putting yourself out there and competing on The Bachelor. True love, lifelong friendship, paid vacations -- we mean, honestly, what's not to love about that experience? But for some people, going on a Bachelor show can end up ruining their lives -- and if not their lives, their reputations. Don't forget, you can't spell reality without the word real. 


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Unfortunately, plenty of contestants have come out of the show worse off than before they decided to take the Bachelor plunge. It's always a learning experience, but some learning experiences are more painful than others. We hate to see it happen, but sometimes life doesn't give you a rose. It gives you a two-on-one date (which we all know is the worst). 

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Click through to see some of the people who have had to deal with negative effects from being on The Bachelor. It looks like fun, but it's not all hot tubs and roses! 

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