Ben Higgins & Becca Tilley May Have Had a History Before 'The Bachelor'

The cat is officially out of the bag as far as Becca Tilley's second round on The Bachelor goes, but the circumstances around it? Still a little fuzzy. Rumor has it that Ben Higgins and Becca knew each other before The Bachelor, but Ben is denying everything.


When spoilers about Becca joining this season first surfaced, Reality Steve said that Ben didn't want Becca to join the cast because they'd talked prior to filming and he decided she might not be a good fit. But she ended up as a contestant anyway. 

And if you ask Ben? He's denying everything. In a recent interview, Ben assured reporters he didn't know Becca beforehand -- or Amber James, who also competed on Chris Soules's season and is returning now.

In fact, Ben said that he only "knew of them" because Bachelor Nation folks all know each other, and that he "didn't know a lot about them." 

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Ben continued:

When they came on was I shocked? Yeah, I think so. Shocked in the sense that ... that first night, when every woman showed up at that mansion, just one after another I found myself going, "Thank you." Because it's really crazy to see every woman show up at this place and I felt the same way about Becca and Amber.

Hmm. He's obviously not willing to give away what really happened, if anything at all -- which means that for now, this is going to remain a mystery.

Maybe once we see Ben and Becca together, it'll be easier to tell if there's some history there? Only a few more weeks 'til we find out! 


Image via beccatilley5/Instagram

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