Carly Waddell Has Finally Found Her Knight in Shining Armor (PHOTO)

It was totally heartbreaking when Kirk DeWindt broke up with Carly Waddell unexpectedly at the end of Bachelor in Paradise season two. Carly was so upset that she penned several songs to help her get over the relationship á la Taylor Swift, but are those days gone for good? Now, Carly has a new boyfriend, and she's finally being treated the way she deserves. 


According to what Carly tells Us Weekly, she's dating another musician named Erik DeNardo, whom she calls "the best human." How adorable is that?! 

Bonus: He's super cute, as evidenced by this photo she shared of the two of them together on Instagram. 

Smiling is my favorite.... �

A photo posted by Carly Waddell (@carlywad) on

It definitely looks like she's happier these days -- at least, way happier than she was those final few days in paradise!

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Carly also dropped hints that she was seeing someone new on Snapchat earlier this year when she mentioned that she was "sort of dating this guy" in a video she sent out to her followers. 

Fingers crossed that things work out this time for Carly! She's such an awesome person and she deserves someone who will treat her well. And who knows? Maybe this is the real deal. We'll be bummed to never see her in paradise again, but it's all for the best! 


Image via carlywad/Instagram

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