Amber Portwood's Custody Battle With Gary Shirley Just Got Even Messier

It feels like Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood have been fighting since they first found out they were pregnant with Leah, but now that they're not together, it's even worse. Gary and Amber's custody battle is heating up, and on the new season of Teen Mom OG, we're going to get to see some of the worst of it. 


In a promo for the upcoming season, Gary and Amber fight over Leah, and now that Amber has been staying on the right path after she was in jail three years ago, she wants to share custody with her ex ... and Gary's not having it.

"Leah needs to be in a stable, steady home," says Gary, but who's to say that Amber and her fiancé, Matt Baier, can't provide that for her, too? It sounds like this is exactly why Amber is lawyering up and is getting ready to take Gary to court.

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However this pans out, it's not going to be good -- and it stinks that Leah is always caught in the middle. The positive? Leah has two parents who both want the best for her and want to spend as much time as possible with her, so it could be worse! 

Gary has also expressed in the past that he's not a huge fan of Amber's soon-to-be husband, so it's definitely going to be interesting to see how that plays into their custody battle. 

Why can't we all get along? Because this is Teen Mom, duh. 


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