Don't Expect Lots of Kissing & PDA From 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins (Sorry, Ladies)

Remember how Chris Soules got shamed for how much smooching he did on The Bachelor last season? That's not about to happen this time around, because the new leading man isn't going to let it. According to our new Bachelor himself, Ben Higgins is limiting kissing and physical contact this season. Wait, what?! 


In an interview with E! Online, Ben admitted that he went into filming with the conscious decision that he's not going to get too intimate with his women, especially not before he's had a chance to get to know them -- and that can be a challenge when you have dozens of women to meet and so little time. 

As Ben explained it: 

One of things that I went into this season after talking to some of [my] mentors and my friends, and also just thinking how I want to do it myself, was I really wanted to concentrate on getting to know these women outside of the physical aspect of it. I think that is always important in a relationship and it comes in time, but I wanted to make sure we spent our time getting to know each other one on one and not necessarily kissing or making out the whole the time.

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But if you're worried that this means the season will be chaste and dull -- pretty much the opposite of what Kaitlyn Bristowe's Bachelorette season was -- don't worry, it's not that bad. Ben mentioned that kissing "does happen," it's just not his major focus. 

We'll wait to reserve judgment until we actually see the show, but we can already assure you of one thing: Whatever happens will not be as boring as Chris Soules talking about corn.


Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC

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