Sean Lowe Is Hoping for a Baby Boy but His Words May Come Back to Haunt Him

Catherine Giudice and Sean Lowe only recently announced they are expecting a baby, but the former Bachelor star has already admitted he has high hopes for his child -- namely, a preference when it comes to gender. Sean revealed he wants a baby boy -- and then, thankfully, he said something wise to make up for it.


Sean and Catherine are super excited about their firstborn child, with both reality TV stars making separate baby announcements on their Instagram accounts. But, in addition to sweetly saying he's really looking forward to "having the little boy or girl fall asleep on my chest for the first time," Sean also revealed that he wants nothing more than to become a dad to a miniature version of himself: "Like most guys, I'm secretly rooting for a boy," Sean wrote on his Patheos blog.

Thankfully, he followed that line up with: "But I know that if we have a girl, she will have me wrapped around her little finger from day one."

Not that there's anything wrong with stating his truth and, perhaps, admitting something many (or only some, I hope?) dads feel about wanting a boy because they feel they'll be able to relate to him on a deeper level, but doesn't Sean know there's a strong possibility his child will grow up and be able to find articles in which dad 'fessed up to wanting a boy?

I can just picture the conversation now. Sean's teenage daughter's friend informs her that her dad really wanted a boy and she goes ballistic on him and questions whether he really loves her. Of course,  he absolutely adores her and resents ever saying anything about gender preference because girls are the best, but she'll always be able to hang this one over his head.

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In all seriousness, I'm sure Catherine and Sean are over the moon and will happily, gleefully welcome their baby, regardless of his/her gender -- but maybe Sean should quit it with the "boy" remarks and not feel he's speaking for the entire male population. He sounds hopelessly outdated.


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