Leah Messer Can No Longer Deny That She's Living With TR Dues

Despite the fact that there have been rumors that Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer are heading for a reunion, it looks like Leah's only got one man on her mind these days: TR Dues. We've suspected they've been getting serious for a while, but now there's no way to deny it -- Leah and TR are living together.


As originally pointed out by The Ashley's Reality Roundup, these two accidentally shared a clue that they're living in the same house by proudly posting similar photos of the same Christmas tree on social media! Yep, it's official: TR and Leah are living under the same roof. 

That's Leah's post, and then you can see TR's Christmas tree post here. Looks like the same tree in the same living room to us! 

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If we had to guess, we'd say that this is a total accident rather than a subtle way to announce their relationship to the world. Or maybe they don't care if people know they're living together? Either way, the answer is obvious -- they're together.

If Leah's happy, we're happy, especially since she's had such a difficult year. It would have been awesome if she and Jeremy managed to patch things up, but maybe she and TR are meant to be!

Fingers crossed that 2016 is way better for Leah and her fam -- and that she and her girls have an awesome Christmas. We have to give her some serious props, because that tree is gorgeous! 


Image via MTV

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